10 Energy Saving Tips For Spring

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10 Energy Saving Tips For Spring

After the cold days of winter, when heaters are running nonstop trying to keep up with keeping you warm, spring can feel like a breath of fresh air — and it’s a great time to watch your power bill go down. Unfortunately, the mild mornings of spring often give way to muggy afternoons that have many here in South Carolina switching on the A/C long before the first official day of summer. How can you stave off that slow creep on your monthly energy bills? We have a few tips.

1. Get your HVAC serviced before warm weather hits. Schedule a preventative maintenance visit as soon as possible to ensure that your A/C doesn’t have to overwork (and run up your bills). With our Service Partner Plan, you’ll have a guaranteed maintenance visit built into your plan.

2. Use ceiling fans. Make sure every commonly-used room in your home has a ceiling fan installed. They’re fairly inexpensive and can do wonders at making your home feel cool and inviting all throughout our southern spring.

3. Grill out for dinner! Spring is a great time for dining outdoors. Light up the grill for some great grilled steaks and veggies, or throw together a warm-weather meal that doesn’t require turning on the stove or oven, which can quickly heat up your home (and your energy bill).

4. Close up your air leaks. One of the most common problems that can cause high power bills is also one of the easiest and cheapest to fix — air leaks. Take a look around the edges of the doors and windows in your home. Caulk around the edges to make sure that there aren’t any drafty spots letting your cool, air-conditioned air out — and the hot air from outside in.

5. Turn off your lights. During the day, turn off your inside lights and let the sunshine in! Opening up blinds or curtains that face directions that aren’t receiving direct sunlight is a great way to keep your home bright and airy without too much heat from the sun finding its way in.

6. Window treatments can cut the heat. Specialized window treatments are available, created to let lots of outside light in but to provide a buffer against the sun’s overwhelming heat. They’re fairly cost-effective and can work well for years at keeping your power bills low.

7. Install (and set) a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are a great tool for lowering energy bills. You can set it to a comfortable temperature while you’re home, but a few degrees higher while you’re gone. Over time, the energy savings will definitely add up.

8. Keep your windows open whenever you can. While many homeowners will close their windows at the slightest sign of rain, unless it’s very breezy it may be better to keep them open! With many windows open, a nice, natural cross-breeze will find its way into your home and keep things naturally cool.

9. Are your in-home air ducts sealed? Air loss through ducts can actually lead to a large increase in power bills. Having your air ducts sealed and insulated can prevent that air loss and show an immediate savings on your next energy bill.

10. Do you use your bathroom fans? The heat and humidity that build up in a bathroom without proper ventilation can up your monthly bills. Be sure to turn on your ventilation fan after a shower or bath to suck up the heat and humidity from the room.

One of the best ways to cut down on your power bills as the weather warms up? Make sure you’ve got a professional on-hand to help if anything should go wrong. At Corley, we’re here for you not just for your heating and cooling needs, but also plumbing, drain service, and electrical work, too. Up-front pricing ensures you’ll never receive a surprise bill in the mail you weren’t expecting, and our customer service simply can’t be beat. Give us a call at (864) 661-2811 or contact us online at any time to schedule service.