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3 Plumbing Questions You Didn’t Know You Had

June, 10th, 2015

Plumbing and drainage systems aren’t something your average person on the street is going to know much about. We’ve been asked a few questions that maybe you’d like to know the answers to, but you just didn’t know it yet! Here are three of the more interesting questions we’ve seen, and our answers.

  • Why does it seem like commercial buildings always have tankless toilets, but residences always have tanks? In the case of those tankless toilets, efficiency and convenience. A tankless toilet in a commercial setting allows for more people using the bathroom at the same time, users can flush more than once without having to wait for a tank to refill if needed, and they simply don’t need repairs as often. So why don’t all homes have tankless toilets, too? Tankless toilets require larger-diameter drains, and it’s tough to find a residence that can handle the increased size. You’ll see them occasionally in new-construction or flipped homes, but they’re still very rare.
  • Why would flushing the toilet make the shower water run cold? This is more common in older homes than in new construction. Basically, when you flush the toilet, you’re diverting water that would otherwise go into the water heater. This drops the hot water pressure, which leads to cold or lukewarm water briefly coming out while the water heater recovers. A pressure balance system can often be installed to overcome this problem.
  • How much water am I really using when I take a shower? Short answer: way more than you think. Showers alone make up roughly 17% of the average household water use according to the EPA. This can mean up to 45 gallons of water for a single shower! If you’re looking for ways to cut your water bill, cutting your shower time is definitely at the top of the list. Try to take your showers from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes and you could cut your water usage by quite a bit. (We have more information in this post on home energy use)

Maybe these questions have never crossed your mind, or maybe it’s something you’ve always wondered, but weren’t sure who to ask. Well, here we’ve taken three common questions and given you some answers! Remember, if you have any questions about your plumbing, feel free to give Corley a call at (864) 517 – 1251 or contact us online today!