4 Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Drain

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4 Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Drain

Our service professionals get called out to deal with drain issues all the time. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, sometimes it’s a larger concern, but often it’s an issue that could have been prevented if more people knew what not to toss down the kitchen (or bathroom) sink. Here’s our list of the top four things you should never dispose of by washing them down the drain.

What Not to Put Down Your Drain

1. Fats, oils, and cooking grease. Our mothers and grandmothers used to save cooking oils and fats by pouring them into a can by the sink that they eventually threw in the trash. Frankly, they had the right idea. Pouring hot cooking oils down the drain is a great way to cause a clog! These oils and fats are only liquid for long as they remain heated. Once they’ve found their way down the kitchen sink, they’ll form into solids as they cool. This will eventually cause a clog. Instead, pour or scrape cooled cooking oils and fats into the trash.

2. Over-the-counter or prescription medicine. It is surprisingly common to find people who wash their old medicines down the sink. Whether it’s over-the-counter pain meds or prescription drugs meant for more serious health concerns, don’t do this! These medicines dissolve and build up into local water systems, potentially even finding their way into your groundwater. In 2002, the U.S. Geological Survey tested for these types of compounds in more than 139 water systems throughout the U.S.A…. and found them in more than 80% of the tested areas! Don’t flush or throw down the sink those medications you’re no longer using.

3. Any items your garbage disposal was never intended to handle. Garbage disposals weren’t designed to handle stringy vegetables like celery, sharp things like glass pieces or eggshells, or tough items like corn husks. When you toss these items into the garbage disposal, you’ll wear it out years before it should need to be replaced, and you’ll end up calling us out to deal with a serious clog from the buildup of tough items your garbage disposal couldn’t quite break down entirely.

4. Commercial drain cleaners. This may seem strange — after all, aren’t these products made specifically for pouring down the drain? We can’t say this often enough: these products don’t work. Not only do they do little to nothing at all when it comes to solving your problem, but any plumber or technician who comes out to help with the problem could end up being seriously injured by the toxic chemicals inside. Don’t use drain cleaners — give us a call instead!

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