4 Tips for keeping your home cool this summer

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When summer comes, the weather gets hotter and the cost of cooling our homes gets more expensive. The easiest and most convenient way to cool your home is to use your air conditioning system, but the increase in your power bill could also cause your temper to rise.

There are other ways of keeping your home cool this summer without necessarily incurring a huge power bill and they are environmentally friendly to boot.

Here are four alternative tips for keeping your home cool this summer:

Use ceiling fans and fans

To keep your home cool during summer, the most basic thing to do is to lessen the source of heat and get rid of the heat accumulated inside the home. Using ceiling fans and portable fans will keep the air inside the home circulating freely. You can have a fan switched on for 12 hours a day, keeping down indoor temperature by around 6 to 7 degrees and still you won’t spend more than $10 per month on extra power costs.

Cover your windows with drapes, blinds or shades

The best way to keep the heat out and lessen the source of heat is to deflect the heat of the sun away from the house. You can effectively do this by installing white drapes, blinds or shades. Closing the drapes, blinds or shades on windows that face the sun is also a way to keep the heat out and to keep your home cool this summer.

Reduce internal heat

Other sources of heat inside the house are household appliances such as televisions, stoves and even incandescent lights. Refrain from cooking during the hottest time of the day and when you cook use the range fan to blow away the heat from inside the house. Turn off incandescent lights during the day or if you absolutely need the light, replace them with compact fluorescent lights that generate less heat and consume less energy while giving out the same illumination as incandescent bulbs.

Trees and plants

Trees planted around a home not only provide shade but also help in making the home cooler inside. Putting plants indoors will give the room an ambiance of freshness and coolness.

There are ways other than massive air conditioning to keep your home cool in summer, all you need is to be resourceful and imaginative.