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5 Things You Should Never DIY

July, 24th, 2015

When you’re thinking about home repairs, it’s tempting to take on the project yourself. After all, if a contractor can do it, you probably can too, right? Well… yes and no. While we’re big fans of the DIY mindset, there are a few around-the-house projects that you should never do without adequate experience and training:

  • 1. Electrical work. Any electrical work. Electrical systems, especially in older homes, can be a labyrinth of snaking wires twisting around each other or even a knob-and-tube system if your home was built before 1950. Don’t try to take on electrical repairs yourself! You could accidentally cut the power to your home or injure yourself. Make sure you call in someone with experience and training so no one gets hurt.
  • 2. New additions or basic structural changes to your home. Cities, counties, and states all maintain strict building codes designed to keep you and your family safe. When you DIY a new sunroom, expand the kitchen, or knock out a wall — you need to be sure that your changes are within code and won’t be a violation that leads to fines… or even to a house no longer considered safe or legal to live in. Give a reputable contractor a call!
  • 3. Replacing old windows or adding in brand new ones. It’s not that the job is especially difficult. It’s just that it’s very easy to do poorly. Call in a professional – otherwise you may find yourself dealing with water leaks during rainstorms or have a hard time keeping the home cool in the summer as air leaks right through.
  • 4. Plumbing or drainage repairs. Hand any job that deals with plumbing or drainage off to a professional. Nobody wants a DIY that goes wrong and leaves a small clog turning into a huge sewage leak under the house… or worse, inside it. You never want to risk taking your water system out for the count.
  • 5. Gas appliance repairs. Whether you’re repairing an older gas appliance or installing a brand new one, do not start work without calling a professional. Even if you just need to move your gas appliance or appliances away from the wall for a short piece of work behind it – don’t take the risk. Even if the repair goes perfectly according to plan, if the hookup afterward isn’t completely sealed you may end up with a dangerous gas leak. Call in a professional to minimize the risk of fire or injury.

The DIY spirit is one of doing it yourself and saving money in the process. If you take on any these 5 repairs, though, you could end up costing yourself big if anything goes awry. It’s worth calling in a professional to ensure that repairs are done safely and in a timely manner. For electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, or drainage repairs, Corley has the qualified professionals you need to get the job done right. We’d be happy to speak with you about repairs or maintenance you may need and what we can do to help. Give us a call at (864) 517-1251 or contact us online today!