5 Tips For Preparing Your HVAC System For Summer

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5 Tips For Preparing Your HVAC System For Summer

It’s summer time so you know what that means — good, beautiful weather and a lot of warm days ahead. The first thing on your mind is the outdoors and the last thing on your mind is your HVAC system. HVAC problems are increasingly common during the summer, but many are easily avoidable! Check out our tips to keep your HVAC up to par during the hot and humid summer months.

Inspect Filters & Ductwork

If your system has a dirty filter, the result can be a frozen unit, causing air to not run through smoothly. When you have clean filters in your system, this allows air to freely flow into the unit and reduce as much pollution as possible inside your home. Since the summer heat causes the air conditioning system to run more, you should be replacing or cleaning them regularly once a month. The ventilation system is a top priority when it comes to the heating and cooling system in your home. Did you know: any leaks or cracks in your ductwork can cost you at least 20% more on your energy bill? If there are any leaks in your ducts, the air that should be cooling your home won’t run through the system and make it into the house. Be sure these problems are fixed before the summer months get here.

Probe The Outdoor Condenser Unit

You want to make sure the outdoor unit panels are situated in an appropriate manner. They are designed to keep electrical connections intact, so if you are missing a panel or the panel is lodged a wrong way, your household has a higher risk of an HVAC breakdown. Be sure you call a professional to come assess the situation! If you put a coil blanket or lid over your unit during the winter months, be sure you remove the cover now. Keeping the lid on the unit could damage your system, burning a hole through your wallet. Next, you want to remove any and all debris surrounding your system, as this limits the system from doing its job.

Check The Entire House

If your doors, windows, or even the basement and attic don’t have proper insulation, this can result in your air conditioning unit becoming overworked, increasing your unit’s wear and tear… not to mentions its effect on your power bill. Be sure you check these issues out during the cooler weather and get a technician on site if you notice any problems.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

If you have an older house, you may have an outdated thermostat. While that’s not completely horrible, it is convenient to have a programmable thermostat on hand. Try to have one installed now if you don’t already have one. The benefits of a programmable thermostat come from better controlling the temperature in your home, and seeing lower energy bills since you can set the temperature so that your system runs less when you are not there.

Seasonal Tune-Up

This is as easy as making a call! Members of our Service Partner Plan have these tuneups already built into their memberships and even if you’re not a member, we’re still happy to help! Just call Corley to come and check things out with your HVAC unit in order for our technicians to confirm for you that all areas on the unit are working properly and you will be good to go for the summer.  Go ahead and take the time now to speak with one of our trained professionals to discuss what your unit needs in order to prepare for the warm weather.

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