5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organized

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5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organized

No one ever enjoys the chore of having to clean the bathroom. Scrubbing the toilet, bleaching the tub, and wiping the toothpaste off the mirror are just a few of the tasks involved when cleaning a bathroom. Not only is your bathroom the place that you become clean, but it’s also the place that bad germs tend to hang out. It’s a dirty job, but having a clean and organized space is a great way to kick off your day!

We’ve put together 5 ways to keep your bathroom clean and organized, so you don’t feel overwhemed and it’s ready those unexpected guests.

1. Follow Daily Habits

Put things away as soon as you’ve used them – toothbrushes, moisturizers, hairbrush, and lotions. If you have children, teach them to wipe up the toothpaste from the basin after brushing their teeth, and hang towels.

Make sure they also know to turn the fan on before showering to keep the air circulating to prevent mold and mildew, and keep a squeegee in the shower for cleaning the glass once you’re done.

2. Stock Up Weekly

Each week you need to take care of basic cleaning of the bathroom and stocking up on needed supplies. Make sure to store chemical cleaners out of reach and instead keep a spray bottle of water and vinegar in the bathroom cupboard so your children can help out with cleaning.

Ensure there’s enough toilet paper in holders or cabinets, refill soap dispensers, clean the bathroom, wash the bath mats and hand towels.

3. Clean Thoroughly Every Quarter

Clean the drains in the shower, tub, and sink to prevent build up and them getting clogged with hair. If you have a lot of hair it helps to buy a hair catcher to place over your drain. Change out fan filters and replace light bulbs if necessary.

Note: If you wash your pet in your tub, a hair catcher is a great way to catch all of their excess fur and protect your drains!

4. Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Make your medicine cabinet a reservoir of things you need and use regularly, which means throwing out any expired medicines and relocating extra toiletries and cosmetics.

Keep like items in their own labeled bins underneath your sink or in the linen closet. When you need to use something, slide the whole container out for easy access. You might choose to move medicines into the kitchen because moisture can ruin them.

5. Stay Sanitary

Bathrooms are usually the least sanitary room in your home and this is where your toothbrush sits around. Keep your bathroom clean and your toothbrush away from airborne germs and bacteria.

When handling your daily and weekly tasks of wiping your bathroom down use these DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions we have put together to keep your home safe and clean!

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