8 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

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8 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

We’ve written several blogs on how to keep yourself and your home cool during the blazing heat of summer, but what should you do to stay warm once temperatures drop? Your first thought might be to keep upping the temperature on your thermostat, which may do the trick, but in the end you’ll have to pay the price when you get your heating bill. We’re here to teach you how to stay warm and save money this coming season!

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

While some people welcome the cooler weather with open arms, no one likes constant shivering. Keep warm with these hot tips:

  1. Cover any skin that is normally exposed — thick socks, gloves, scarves, and hats work wonders to keep you from losing any body heat!
  2. Turn on your ceiling fan. While this may sound counterintuitive, warm air rises and turning on a fan so that it spins clockwise will push all the warm air back down from the ceiling. Use the lowest setting so that you keep the air moving without losing heat.
  3. Use door stops and hang thicker curtains over your windows to block drafts and lock in heat.
  4. In the summer we suggested grilling outside to avoid using the oven which adds more heat to your home — now we suggest you do the opposite. Put the grill cover on, crank up the oven, and practice making those holiday cookies!
  5. Drink something warm. Not only will the liquid warm up your insides, but the mug or thermos can keep your hands warm too!
  6. Dress in layers with the outermost layer being waterproof. Nothing will make you colder than getting caught in a surprise rainstorm and having to spend the day in soggy clothes.
  7. Close any vents in rooms you aren’t using so that your heat is directed only to where you are. This will keep you warm AND save you money since you won’t be wasting energy heating rooms with no one in them.
  8. Switch to a programmable thermostat. Unlike traditional thermostats, programmable thermostats make it super easy to save money by keeping your house cooler during without you having to come home to an igloo.

While most of these tips focus on keeping your body warm without having to rely too heavily on your heater, you still need to know your heating system is in good working order before you have the chance to learn the hard way that it isn’t. Download our fall checklist to make sure your home is ready for colder weather and schedule a tune up .You can guarantee your family’s comfort by calling Corley at (864) 661-2811 or scheduling your service online today!