Benefits of a HVAC system maintenance plan

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Benefits of a HVAC system maintenance plan

A HVAC system will benefit greatly from a regular maintenance plan. A maintenance plan will effectively maintain up to 95% of your system’s efficiency. It also allows you to be in good standing with the warranty of the system’s manufacturer.

Yearly servicing and tune-ups are excellent ways to keep your HVAC system at maximum efficiency year in and year out. It will mean less system failures and breakdowns and that can translate into savings from expensive emergency repairs and lower energy bills, such savings are sometimes more than enough to cover the cost of a maintenance plan.


A maintenance plan for your HVAC system will not only keep the parts of your system clean and in good working order. It could also reveal problems at an early stage and when fixed immediately could prevent a major break down in the system that could be more expensive to repair, or at its worst can require a total replacement of the HVAC unit. In addition, a regular HVAC maintenance plan can provide the following benefits:

Peace of mind – Regular cleaning, and adjusting can keep your system running at a maximum, unproblematic efficiency.
Investment protection – Regular and routine inspection and repairs will prolong the life of your equipment.

Savings – Regular servicing will mean less emergency repairs since it can work out problems before they can cause a major breakdown or systems failure. An HVAC system that’s working in top condition will also mean lower energy bills.

System and home health – A regular maintenance plan is an assurance of the safe and proper operation of the system.

Discounts on repairs – Most service contractors offer a discount on repairs for the units under a maintenance plan.

What a HVAC maintenance plan usually includes

A comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan is usually a summer or winter preventive maintenance check that could include a heating and cooling system tune-up and checking the quality of indoor air by checking the air filters and humidifiers.