Benefits of Using a Low Flow Showerhead

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Benefits of Using a Low Flow Showerhead

While using a high-pressure showerhead may feel like you’re getting a luxurious massage every time you shower, there are benefits to switching to a low flow showerhead. By using a low flow shower head not only are you obeying the law, but you’re also going to conserve precious water and save precious money!

Make the Switch

If your home is a little older (built in 1992 or before) and you’re still using the original showerhead, you definitely need to make the switch! These older units dispense 5-8 gallons of water per minute (gpm) while current non-low flow units dispense 2.5 gpm and low flow units dispense only 2 gpm! Even if your home was built after 1992, there’s a chance that your showerhead may still be outdated so it’s always good to check. To see how much water your shower is using, put an empty bucket in your shower and see how long it takes to reach the gallon mark. Did it take less than 20 seconds? If so, you, my friend, need to get yourself a low flow showerhead!

If you’re worried about losing the luxury of your high pressure showerhead, don’t be! You can find luxury in a an aerating showerhead which mixes air in with the water, this results in a misty spray much like a steam sauna. If you don’t prefer a steamy shower, you’ll want the laminar flow showerhead which does not mix in air but rather forms individual streams of water.

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