Clogged Drains – How To Get It Cleared Up

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Clogged Drains – How To Get It Cleared Up

How do I Unclog my Drain?

Is you water draining slowly? Before you head to the store for some drain cleaner consider the unclogging alternatives available and start preventing clogs from happening in the first place.

How to Unclog Everything

Before we get started, it’s for the best if you go ahead and invest in a good plunger.

  • Unclogging your bathtub: If you can easily unscrew your drain cover chances are that the buildup that’s blocking your drain could be hair trapped just under the cover; pull that hair out, screw the cover back on, and see if you water drains faster and better. If removing the hair buildup didn’t solve the problem, give your drain a good plunge to push the clog away or even use a shop vac or a drain snake to pull the clog out.
  • Unclogging your garbage disposal: First things first — be sure to either turn off your disposal, completely unplug it, or both. Once your unit is safe to use with no risk of you hurting yourself, drain the standing water or plunge it out if you need to; if you’re lucky the plunger may take care of the whole problem right then and there. If the plunger didn’t do the trick, look around in the disposal with a flashlight and a pair of pliers or tongs at the ready to remove the obstruction. If that still doesn’t work use an allen or hex wrench to manually turn the disposal blades to dislodge whatever is stuck up in there. Regardless of which method you end up going with, be sure to periodically run some water through the sink to help flush away any debris.
  • Unclogging your toilet: This one is fairly simple; if plunging doesn’t work you’re more than likely going to need an experienced plumber in Greenville SC to help you out with more severe clogs or gurgling.
  • Unclogging your washing machine drain line: If your washing machine isn’t draining the way it should, start by making sure that your draining hose isn’t bent or tangled. If the hose is straight as it should be, remove it and inspect both the hose and the pump filter for clogs. Hose clogs can easily be cleaned with bleach, while the pump filter may be blocked by a smaller article of clothing which should be pretty easy to remove.

Keeping Clogs at Bay

Of course you won’t have to worry so much about clogs if you can keep them from happening in the first place. For healthy drains:

  • Clean them periodically
  • Remove any buildup after each use (remove hair from your bathtub, remove food particles from your sink, etc.)
  • Know what you can and what you shouldn’t put in your garbage disposal
  • Don’t pour fat, oil, grease, etc. down your drains

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