Common Maintenance Problems In Older Homes

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Common Maintenance Problems In Older Homes

Older homes can be a solid and dependable choice. Older brickwork and stonework often last longer than new with some routine maintenance, and true hardwood floors are beautiful and can last for generations – long after today’s trendy linoleum has faded away. While you’re marveling over the old-fashioned details, though, problems may be lurking only to pop up down the road – and could cost you big bucks to fix.

Make sure you check for these common problems, and have a qualified professional meet with you on how to fix them:

  • Can your wiring handle the stress? Forty years ago, life was very different. There might have been a TV and two lamps in the living room. In older homes, the electrical system was built before we had a TV in every room, multiple computers, and more appliances than we can shake a stick at. An older home’s outdated electrical system may be under serious stress. If too many appliances are hooked into the same circuit, it can cause a sudden dimming when too many appliances are running at once… or even turn into a serious fire hazard. Get your wiring checked by one of Corley’s qualified electricians to be sure that you’re safe, and look into spreading the load out a bit more by having fewer outlets per circuit.
  • Have there been any add-ons? Many old homes have gone through an addition or two over the years, as our requirements for how big a home had to be to feel comfortable have changed. At one point it was common for a family of five to share a single bathroom – just try telling your teenage daughter that today! Newly added bathrooms often mean a mix of old and new when it comes to wiring and plumbing, which can mean less efficiency or DIYs-gone-wrong just waiting to cause expensive problems down the road.
  • What’s your ventilation and insulation situation? Homes built in the 60’s and 70’s commonly don’t have enough insulation in the attic, which leads to moisture buildup and eventually roof rot. Spray insulation is pretty cost-effective to get from a local home-improvement store, and with an older home can easily pay for itself in heating and cooling bill savings over time. While older homes were often built to dispel heat, especially here in the South, it may also be worth it to look into buying an attic fan to get warm air up and out of your house, allowing your HVAC to run a little more easily during the summer heat.
  • Could there be tree roots finding their way into your pipes? Older homes have a lot of love in them, but they have one big problem – their plumbing systems. Many older homes have clay and concrete underground piping, and are vulnerable to root growth causing them to crack and burst. You may not even know you have these older pipes until you find out the hard way when you find water in the basement. If that happens, Corley has professional plumbers ready to replace and repair your pipes with longer-lasting new ones to get your older home’s plumbing system to work like new.

If you live in an older home, you may be concerned about an outdated electrical system,  the possibility of clay pipe plumbing, or the mix of old and new that comes from living in a home with an addition. Corley is here to help you! Schedule a home maintenance tune-up to ensure that your older home is ready to take on the upcoming season.

Our Service Partner Plan is a great option for those who live in older houses, allowing you to have peace of mind, knowing that we’ll be out to check on your system in the spring and fall, so you won’t end up with a problem that was years – or decades – in the making.