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Deep Clean for Spring – Without Losing Your Whole Weekend
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Deep Clean for Spring – Without Losing Your Whole Weekend

April, 24th, 2015

“Spring cleaning” is an annual tradition, but it’s not one we look forward to. An all-weekend marathon of scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting? That’s nobody’s idea of a fun time. If you’re thinking about throwing up your hands and calling in a professional, maybe instead consider taking a few cues from those who do this for a living instead – you’ll cut your cleaning time down and may even enjoy yourself. Hey, it could happen, right?
Turn the day into a family affair. Don’t take such a big job on yourself. In a professional cleaning service, there isn’t one employee who goes upstairs to listen to music and chat on the phone while everyone else cleans. The whole family helped make the mess – the whole family should work together to pick it up! Tell everyone to clear their schedules, and plan to go out for dinner somewhere afterward.
Draw up a battle plan. Waking up with no schedule on a Saturday morning feels great, but not if you really do have a lot to accomplish. Instead, sit down the night before and quickly make a list of what jobs need done. Delegate specific jobs to specific people. Is your son good at dusting but terrible at mopping the kitchen floor? Play to his strengths! Maybe you prefer scrubbing the bathtub to cleaning the windows, or enjoy doing laundry and not the dishes. Give everyone jobs they don’t mind and the day will go by much faster.
Pick up – before you clean. This may sound a little ridiculous, but if everything is covered in clutter, you’ll spend the whole day picking things up just to get ready to start cleaning. Set the timer for 20 minutes, give everyone a room, and make a quick sweep. Designate a spot to drop any clutter you can’t find a home for, and it’ll be easier later to organize the pile to get everything back where it goes.
Keep your supplies on hand. You lose more time than you think running back and forth to pick up cleaning supplies you left in the other room. Pick up an inexpensive tote bucket and carry everything with you from room to room. This will save time and make sure everything you need is right there. You may consider having multiples, like having a bathroom cleaner situated in the cabinet in each bathroom in the house, a bottle of Windex upstairs and downstairs. If everyone has what they need on hand, no time will be wasted!
Take a break! People who make a living cleaning take the occasional break, and you should, too. Trying to keep the pace up all day can lead to losing momentum, and it can be discouraging to see yourself slowing down and accomplishing less and less. Designate specific break times to look forward to: at 10 am, everyone breaks to sit outside and get some fresh air, a break at noon for lunch (maybe bribe the kids with some pizza), another short outdoor break at 2 pm, and then everyone knows that they’ll be finishing up to get ready for dinner at 6:30. Keep the breaks to 20 minutes or less and you won’t lose much time. You’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to get back on track when you come back in.
When you call a cleaning service in, they come in like a whirlwind and take only as much time as they have to. Copy a few of their ideas on how to get things done and you’ll find your spring cleaning flying by, with plenty of time to be with your family and have fun!
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