Does My HVAC System Really Need Maintenance?

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Does My HVAC System Really Need Maintenance?

When it comes time for seasonal changes, make sure “check your HVAC system” is at the top of your to-do list. For some, this seems like a tedious duty, since your unit is not as visible as other appliances in your home. However, just like you have to rotate tires and check your car engine every now and then, the same rule applies to your HVAC system. Regular HVAC maintenance is the best alternative to your system having a peak performance, and avoiding a system failure in severe hot or cold weather, and keeping your energy bill from rising.
Below, we’ve written down some reasons on the importance of maintaining your HVAC system that might make you think twice before you grunt at the chore every season!

Lower Utility Bills

Who DOESN’T love saving money!? This is a vital reason you should maintain your HVAC unit. A unit that is running efficiently, as well as a home that is properly insulated, means less money spent on electricity, heating and cooling costs. A unit that doesn’t have proper maintenance, on the other hand, will simply end with you spending more. HVAC maintenance is also important in order to prevent major repairs or entire replacements taking place.

Healthy Air

Don’t just think you have to walk outdoors to get that breath of fresh air— enjoy it in your home! With a properly maintained HVAC unit, you can. It will not only keep a home warm or cool as needed, but it will prevent problems with air quality. Clean filters and coils lead to better breathing and easier sleep for the entire family. When you don’t maintain your unit, dirt, mold and bacteria grow in open areas of your home, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory and health problems for your family.

Life of the System

This ties back to saving money. The better a person maintains their HVAC unit, the longer that unit functions and provides proper cooling and heating to your home. With proper HVAC maintenance, a unit can last well over 10 years. With the amount of money a person spends just to install an HVAC unit, it’s pretty apparant why they want to do as much as possible to keep that initial unit running for as long as possible.


Research has told us over and over that dirty or unmaintained units work 20% harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained machine. The less wear and tear on your system means simple maintenance during the spring and fall months. Try to remember that maintenance will run much quicker and smoother if a person takes the preventive steps to keep their unit running up to par.

Less Emergency Repairs

Most HVAC units need emergency repairs from time to time, which can be normal depending on the odds stacked against you, such as the year your home was built, and so on. Well-maintained units, however, are less likely to fail during the winter and summer months. Keeping a unit up-to-date on all inspections and maintenance checks means you can worry less that the unit will break down when you are in need of it more during the hot summers and cold winters.

Don’t stress about your HVAC unit in times of trouble, when you have to be put on a wait list before a technician can get to your home. Go ahead and take the preventative measures now so you don’t have to worry about freezing or burning up. With Corley, you can sleep well knowing we have your back! Check out our Service Partner Plan that also constitutes for our Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electricity, and Drain services. If you have any questions or need an answer to problem you feel like you can solve on your own, call us or contact us online. We are always happy to help, and with our professional technicians on hand, we’re always ready to help.