Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

You may feel like your at-home to-do list is totally covered — you dust, sweep, and vacuum on a regular schedule, switch out those air filters every month, you’re careful to keep an eye on the thermostat during the hottest and coldest months of the year… what else could there be to do?

Well, there are still a few tasks that not only help you save money, but are also essential to keep your home comfortable and safe all year long. Today, we’ll walk you through six home maintenance tasks you can’t afford to miss.

1. Check the Roof

People commonly keep an eye out for loose roof shingles after a bad storm, but it’s important to check regularly even when the weather is beautiful. Even during what feels like a nonstop run of hot, sunny days in summer, make sure you’re taking a look at least once a week at your roof!

Debris can build up in your gutters surprisingly quickly, and loose shingles can become an issue at any time. You’ll want to find and fix both these problems before bad weather hits, or you could be risking water leaks that can result in the growth of mold and bacteria within the walls of your home. Replace loose shingles right away and clear out your gutters at least once per season, or any time they seem to be cluttered up.

2. Drain Your Hot Water Heater

This is a once-a-year task that just doesn’t come up that often on the usual home maintenance checklists you find online. Mineral deposits can build up within your water heater, especially if it’s older, and impair its function over time.

Once a year, drain your hot water heater and check for issues with mineral deposits. It’s important to schedule this task for fall, because the biggest potential issues arise during the freezing winter temperatures. While South Carolina doesn’t get much in the way of below-freezing temps, we get just enough to cause a potential issue with your water heater if you don’t make sure to check on it.

3. Dust the Vents in the Kitchen

This is just an easy task to forget. High-traffic areas like the kitchen collect dust and debris faster than rooms that see less in the way of people moving in and out, and dusting the vents in your kitchen can be just as important as dusting off your ceiling fans. Try to do this at least once per season.

Take off the vent covers, dust the openings, and vacuum the ducts out about once every three months. Replace the vent covers and you’re good to go.

4. Test Your Generator

Not everyone keeps a home generator in case of prolonged power outage, but if you do, make sure you’re testing it regularly. Check for frayed wires or cords, which can cause serious safety risks, and ensure everything is in good working order.

This is most important prior to those winter ice storms that seem to knock South Carolina power lines for a loop, but also useful to check before the summer thunderstorm season, too.

5. Deep-Clean Your Carpets

While many homeowners shampoo and deep-clean the carpets when they’re newly installed, over time people tend to pay that kind of attention to their home carpets less and less. Carpets wear down with constant contact with dirt and the debris of daily life, and it’s important to take the time to deep-clean about twice a year to keep them looking (and feeling) their best and most comfortable.

Carpet cleaners can be rented inexpensively at many home improvement stores and a little shampoo goes a long way. Keep your carpets clean, and your toes (and indoor air quality) will thank you.

6. Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Don’t wait until your HVAC stops working to call for help! Scheduling preventative maintenance twice a year is a great way to ensure that your HVAC stays in top working order, whether South Carolina is fighting those triple-degree summer temperatures or you’re bundled up through an ice storm in January.

This is one home maintenance task too many homeowners forget, and it can be the difference between an inexpensive maintenance visit and costly repairs or replacements. Make sure you have a professional out to have a look once before summer, and again before winter.