How do I inspect my washing machine water line?

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How do I inspect my washing machine water line?

The function of your water machine water line is to load the washing machine with the water that is the right temperature. Your washing machine has two water lines; one for cold water and the other for hot water. They are connected to an inlet valve that supplies water into a single hose. Before the hose discharges water into the tub, water first passes through a device that precludes wash water from going back into the washing machine water line. This anti-siphon device has a large aperture that lets air in.

There are several fixes that a homeowner can do themselves.

If there is no water entering the wash tub you should check the water line hoses for crooks or bends. Also check the filter screen. There is a filter screen at the tip of the water line hoses and the inlet valve to trap rubbish and prevent the debris from harming the washer. If the filter screens are clogged then the water pressure will be low or water will not flow or if it is flowing it could be the wrong water temperature. Also check the water inlet valve, timer control, water temperature switch and water level switch.

If the filter screens are now clog- free but the water still does not enter the wash tub, the next thing you need to check is the inlet valve. What you have to check are the terminals and the connectors. Check them for corrosion. If they are rusted they should either be cleaned or if they’re totally corroded, replaced.

If the inlet valve is good, but water seeps through it even when the washing machine is off, then it could be that the valve is the problem. Waste and other debris may be stopping the valve from shutting or the valve could be faulty. Clean the valve, but if it can no longer be cleaned then replace it.

If none of these solutions work, then it is time to call a plumber (864) 659-2652.