How do I unclog my washing machine drain line?

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How do I unclog my washing machine drain line?

A clogged washing machine drain line means that your washing machine does not empty waste water properly or doesn’t empty waste water at all. The clogging of a washing machine drain line is usually due to lint, soap sludge and dirt that accumulate along the washing machine hose, drain pipe or even the main sewer line. This can be a very stressful situation, but there are some easy things to check on if this happens.

Here is how you can unclog your washing machine drain line

  • The first thing you need to inspect is the drainage hose of your washing machine. This is the hose attached to your machine and is connected to the drainage pipe. See if there are any bends or twist on the hose and straighten it.
  • Detach the drainage hose from the machine and check it for clogs. To remove any soap sludge build-up inside the hose, soak it in the sink filled with a mixture of water and chlorinated bleach( proportion is 2 tbsp of bleach per 1 gal of water)
  • The next thing you have to inspect to find the reason for the clog is the pump filter. If the pump filter is clogged with debris this could cause your clogging
  • A broken tab located on the washing machine cover could also be the reason why your washing machine is not draining
  • Next, check if there is any clothing article – a sock, a small hanky or underwear wedged between the water pump and the drum of the washing machine. This could be the clog you’re looking for.

If after you’ve done all the steps above, and you still have a clog washing machine drain line, then in all probability, the problem is along the drainage pipe. If such is the case, then you will need professional help, call a plumber.