How to fix a leaky toilet

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How to fix a leaky toilet

A leaky toilet is not only annoying; it is also a very wasteful issue. It is a very common problem that most of us experience at one time or the other. You have a leaky toilet, also sometimes referred to as a running toilet, when the water continues to drip into the bowl and as the water level in the tank falls the ballcock refills it. You will hear the hissing of water as it passes along the pipes, a very irritating and bothersome sound because you know you are wasting water.

A toilet has only two main parts, a fill valve that allows water to fill the tank after it is flushed and the flush valve which allows the water to flood the bowl when you flush it. When a toilet runs or leaks either continuously or sporadically, the reason could be a faulty flush valve or fill valve.

Ways to fix a leaky toilet
To find out which valve is giving you trouble you need to examine the overflow tube. When water spills over into the tube, your fill valve is the culprit. When the water level is lower than the top of the tube, it is your flush valve that is leaking, the reason why water drips into the bowl. The constant and slow trickling of water into the bowl is the reason why the fill valve doesn’t close totally.

  • Adjusting the float – If your fill valve has a floating ball connected to the rod, slowly raise the rod and take note if the water stops. You can repair your leaky toilet by fine-tuning the float. This is easily done if your fill valve has a has a float adjustment screw. If there is none, lightly bend down the float arm to put added pressure on the fill valve. To find out if it works, flush down the toilet.
  • Flushing the valve – A flush valve may not completely close because of hard water, tiny fragments of debris from a broken water line or old pipes. Flush out and clear this debris by sluicing the valve with water.
  • Replacing the washer – Replace a cracked or worn-out washer by removing the worn washer from the cap using a small screw driver. Press down the new washer in place.
  • Replacing the fill valve – If the fill valve is beyond repair, then you need to replace it. Shut off the water supply from the shut –off valve before you proceed with replacing the fill valve and drain the remaining water on the tank by flushing the toilet and holding open the flush valve. Make sure that the interior of the tank is completely dry by sponging out any remaining water or moisture

If the cause of your leaky toilet is coming from the flush valve or the tank bolts, you need to detach the bowl from the tank to replace the rubber washer, the tank bolts and the gaskets of the flush valve.

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