How to save money on your heating bill

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How to save money on your heating bill

In winter, you need and consume more heat. It feels great sitting in a warm room under blanket with a cup of coffee. However, like everything, heat consumption bears a cost. Sometimes, winter gets so extreme that we consume even more heat than expected. It is important to use your residential heating system more efficiently to reduce the associated cost and avoid the burden of heavy heating repair bills. Here are some ways that you can follow to save big this winter.

For each degree you set the thermostat back over nine hours, you can save around one percent of your heating bill every year. It is not difficult for you to turn it down 10 degrees whenever you leave the house or sleep, however using a programmable or automatic thermostat guarantees that power won’t be wasted due to forgetfulness. One caution that you need to be aware of is that if you’re restoring an old thermostat with the help of a mercury switch, you have to be extremely careful not to break the mercury containment tube.

You can also spend more of your time in just one room of your home. Utilizing a heater in a single room where you are, while leaving the house temperature lower overall, can save considerable cash. In fact, maintaining your thermostat at 62 degrees and placing a space heater in just one room might save around $200 annually.

Doors and windows can prove to be a major cause of heat wastage. Faulty doors and windows increase your bill by around 10-15 percent. Open blinds throughout the day to let the sunlight in. At dusk, shut them all to preserve heat. Improve the seals of windows and interior doors.

Apply these minor but effective tricks on regular basis during winters and enjoy a warm and cost-effective season.

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