How To Spring Clean The Outside Of Your Home

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How To Spring Clean The Outside Of Your Home

Even though it seems furthest from “fun”, many people find the joy in spring cleaning. Spring cleaning sometimes is the only opportunity to clean every part of your house and do certain chores such as washing baseboards or crown molding that you normally don’t do year round. While you live inside of your home, it’s great to get a head start on tidying up the outside of the home as well. We’ve created a starter list for you to go by just in case the outside work of a house isn’t your forte.

Gutters and Downspouts

Be careful and make sure you have sturdy ladders and a perhaps a spotter when checking on things off the ground. Clean out the gutters as best you can from the debris leftover from those winter storms, ensure that the gutters are still in appropriate condition for use, and check for proper drainage away from the house.

Wash All Windows

Make sure door screens are intact, and replace any and all damaged windows. Washing windows and screens is something you probably don’t do often, so doing this one little chore can make all the difference in how clean your house looks and feels. Check for any cracks to see whether you need to fill, caulk, or paint the edges.

Deck & Furniture

Pressure washing comes in handy when dealing with cleaning patios and surfaces that are too large to sit and scrub. Be sure to let your patio furniture dry out before placing them back on patios to avoid molding, and be careful you don’t have the pressure set too high on the pressure washer, as that can do more damage than good to wood and softer materials.

Backyard Grills or Pools

Make sure to keep up with your grill’s electrical components. Check its connections and operations while following all safety guidelines. Clean out the grills and handles to prepare for a summer of healthy and yummy grill fests in the backyard. Be sure you get your pool ready for your family by cleaning it out, balancing the chemicals, and ensuring safety conditions.


While you’re at it, get the garage cleared out so you can have room to store your kid’s bikes and backyard toys when they’re not in use. Throw out any unnecessary items in your garage and if you have a refrigerator or freezer outside, be sure anything expired has been thrown away.

Yard Work

This may take a family unit to accomplish, but it can be fun for the whole family at times! Be sure anything such as debris from trees or vehicles is cleaned up from the yard before you crank your lawnmower. If the leaves from Fall are still in the yard, be sure to rake them and dispose accordingly. Check on your sprinkler system as well so you can keep your grass healthy throughout the summer.

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