Keep Cool This Summer With Corley’s HVAC Tips

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Keep Cool This Summer With Corley’s HVAC Tips

We’re not just talking about staying cool when you’re outside, but even when you’re inside and relying on air conditioning to keep your cozy home just the right temperature for you. If your HVAC system is going to experience any issues, it’s bound to happen during the summer, when you need your unit to be working the most.

Since we are always on top of our game, you can find some of the best advice on maintaining your HVAC unit here and here. If your system is running properly and you don’t fear it going out of service anytime soon, we have some tips that have helped our customers over the years with keeping cool this summer that you may be interested in.

Open Your Windows

During South Carolina’s long summer months, we tend to experience hot days that end with much cooler nights. This is a great opportunity to turn off the cooling system and open the windows! When you wake in the morning, simply close the windows back up, pull your blinds down to capture cool air and block the heat from the day’s growing sunlight, then turn that A/C back on. This allows natural air to circulate through your home, bringing a natural smell into your home.

Install or Use Ceiling Fans

If you just came in from the pool or running errands, it’s easy to turn down the thermostat to get your air running, but it’s far better for your home (and your wallet) if you turn on the ceiling fan first! This may cool you off faster, and you’re likely to find you don’t need the thermostat set to a very low temperature if your ceiling fans keep the cool air moving around your home.

Don’t have ceiling fans? No problem! They’re easy to install and are often an inexpensive addition to your home that pay for themselves in how much you’ll save over time on your heating and cooling bills. This will allow for you to kick up your thermostat at night without sweating in your sleep.

Appliances 101

It’s the summer time and most of us want to be outdoors during this time… so take your dinner out there with you! If you have one, try to grill outside and avoid using the oven as much as possible. This may be hard to do if you have a large family, and that’s okay! You can save in other ways, like only washing clothes and dishes when each appliance is at maximum capacity, or air drying your clothes outdoors.

HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your HVAC unit running at peak efficiency is essential for a comfortable Southern summer. Make sure to change your air filters regularly, install a programmable thermostat, check ductwork for debris or other buildup, and seal up any cracks you find around your windows and doors.

You also need to be sure you have regular check-ups with your service provider to make sure everything is running properly. Here at Corley, you can call us anytime or sign up for our Service Partner Program to be sure your seasonal maintenance is scheduled in priority ranking.

Corley is here at your every service when it comes to home maintenance. We pride ourselves on years of experience and trained technicians on hand. If you’re experiencing any issues on your HVAC unit or are in need of any more tips when it comes to the summer weather and keeping your home cool, call us at (864) 661-2811!