Meeting Customer Demand in the Trenches

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Meeting Customer Demand in the Trenches

Award-winning Corley Plumbing Air Electric takes the lead in technology that breaks new ground without breaking old ground . . . literally.

Greenville homeowners are assuring their family’s safety and comfort by replacing their damaged, underground sewer pipes. In the past, this meant tearing up yards and costly landscaping. Not anymore.

Award-winning Corley Plumbing Air Electric is highly trained to deliver trenchless sewer repair, the most advanced repair technique in the business. Homeowners no longer have to worry about lead, clogs, flooding, and watching backhoes and bulldozers destroy their yards and uproot trees and plants.

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Trenchless sewer repair saves time and money. The sewer repair experts at Corley Plumbing Air Electric use underground cameras to go inside the drain to find the trouble spots. Two major concerns now are all the tree roots that have grown into the sewer pipes.“Our area’s recent droughts forced the roots to find water wherever they could,” said Corley. “Unfortunately, they found it through cracks in the pipes.” The other big concern is all the deteriorating Orangeburg pipes under so many homes built in the 70s. That pipe, he says, lasts only 30 years.

After trained techs locate the problem areas, they access the sewer pipe through one or two small holes. They insert a cable that carries in the replacement pipe while it bursts the old one. This process takes half the time of traditional sewer replacement, and in many cases, it costs even less. The new polyurethane pipe will last up to 50 years.

Trenchless sewer repair is “green” technology. Homeowners get to keep their curb appeal and avoid the expense of replacing mature trees and other costly landscaping.

They don’t have to drain their wallets to ensure their sewers will drain.

Trenchless sewer repair requires special training. In addition to hiring only the best plumbing technicians, Corley Plumbing Air Electric is a member Nexstar®.

As such, Corley’s employees get surefire systems and training for all aspects of their business. Experienced coaches provide expertise and guidance on everything from technology to customer service. Fellow Nexstar® members from across the continent share their knowledge and experience with each other in an effort to help each other succeed and bring the best to customers.

Nexstar® members place great importance on being ethical, honest, trustworthy and responsible. They expect the best from each other – and deliver the best. Corley Plumbing Air Electric has consistently won service awards from this well-respected organization.

For more information about Corley’s trenchless sewer repair and to watch this process at an area home, please contact Corley at (864) 619-4252 or click the banner below to schedule your home’s repair.