Need to Repair or Replace Your Drain Pipes? You Have Options.

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Need to Repair or Replace Your Drain Pipes? You Have Options.

When you’re dealing with serious drain pipe issues and you’ve been told you’ll need a total replacement, it can be easy to start stressing out over the possible costs. Don’t worry, though — you have more options than you realize when it comes to repairing or replacing your drain pipes. Here are a few of the options that may work for your household:

Drain Relining

Interested in a solution that will save your landscaping? Drain relining might work for you. This repair is performed on your pipes from the inside out, creating what amounts to a ‘second pipe’ inside your existing pipes. Pipe relining is less invasive than other options and will offer you a quick, cost-effective, and permanent solution to these problems. Often, your drains can be relined in a day or less.

Trenchless Drain Pipe Repair

Another high-tech option that won’t destroy your lawn? Trenchles pipe repair. Using cameras and specialized equipment, the average workload for pipe repair is cut in half, since it won’t be required to dig continuous trenches looking for the break in your pipes. Our experienced professionals will slip a new pipe into the ground without ripping up those beautiful flowers in your front yard. Hoping to see trenchless pipe repair in action? See it in action here.

Traditional Excavation

When you hear ‘drain pipe replacement’ odds are this is what you think of. In many cases, traditional excavation remains a valid and important option. In traditional repair or replacement scenarios, we will dig up the area around your drain pipe in order to locate and repair the damage. The biggest downside is that this is the option most likely to tear up your lawn and disrupt your overall landscape. However, it is the most thorough option and so it’s best not to discount traditional excavation entirely.

Drain Jetting

Best for when traditional methods fail. Occasionally, a drain clog will become too difficult and unwieldy to deal with using traditional methods. In this case, jetting may be the right choice. One of the most advanced options for fixing your drain, jetting is a technique that utilizes special nozzles which force high pressured water through the pipes in your sewer system. Once the water pressure is high enough, it can emulsify oil and soap, clear out dirt, break up clogs, and even cut through roots and other natural growths.

So If My Drain is Clogged, What Do I Do First?

Easy — call a professional. Once you’re dealing with a drain clog that requires in-depth knowledge of the pipes outside your four walls, it’s essential to bring in experienced service technicians like those at Corley to ensure that your repairs are performed correctly. The cost of each of these repair and replacement options may vary depending on your home, the severity of the clog, and other factors. If you’re dealing with serious pipe problems, we’d be happy to speak with you about your options and which repair would work best for you. You can reach us by phone at (864) 619-4252 or contact us online today!