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Options for Repairing or Replacing Drain Pipes
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Options for Repairing or Replacing Drain Pipes

October, 12th, 2011

You probably did not realize it, but there are several options when it comes to repairing or replacing drain pipes. All of the options will get the job done but some of the newer technology is less evasive on your property. Listed below is a quick recap of each option.

Drain Relining
Looking for a solution to your drain problems that won’t destroy your landscaping? Drain relining might be the perfect solution for your home. It repairs your pipes from the inside out and it can also be a very cost effective solution. Pipe relining offers a permanent and fast solution to these problems. Most drains can be relined in a day or less.

Trenchless Drain Pipe Repair
A second high tech solution that won’t destroy your lawn is trenchless pipe repair. With the use of cameras and our trenchless repair equipment, your trusted plumber in Greenville SC is able to cut the workload in half by not digging continuous trenches looking for the break. We can then easily slip a new pipe into the ground without tearing up your yard.

Traditional Excavation
This is probably the method you are most familiar with and it is still a valid option in many cases. It involves digging up the area around a drain pipe to locate and fix the damage. The biggest drawback is that it does disrupt your landscape.

Drain Jetting
When clogs become too hard to fix with traditional methods, jetting is one of the most advanced options for fixing the drain. Drain jetting is a technique that uses special nozzles to force high pressured water through the pipes in your sewer system. When the water pressure is high enough, it can clear dirt, emulsify oil and soap, break clogs and even cut roots and other growths.

The cost for these different solutions varies and you really need to consult with a drain service professional to determine which option is best for you.