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No matter how hard you try, there will come a time when your bathtub begins to drain slower and slower and then it won’t drain at all. Here are a few do-it-yourself steps to try if you find yourself ankle deep in dirty water. Clean the drain cover Most drain covers are held in place by a screw. Simply remove the screw and pull the cover off. You will be shocked at how much hair [Read More...]

Garbage disposals are meant to do away with food particles by grinding and pulverizing them so that they can easily be washed down the drain. This device is not meant for hard objects such as fruit pits and chicken and meat bones or fibrous materials such as potato or banana peel, broccoli stalks or cornhusks. Unfortunately because of lack of knowledge instead of disposing this trash properly, they get stuffed down the garbage disposal, until [Read More...]

We recently let you know that the U.S Government released new regulations governing water heaters. This changes up the size of the units, installation costs, and could even mean remodeling if you don’t have the space for the larger units. If you’ve been planning to replace yours, you may be wondering if it’s worth it after all. Our short answer to that is that it depends on your unit, but that the uptick in efficiency [Read More...]

 Have you ever heard your plumbing system make weird noises? Gurgling in your drains, banging pipes, or whistling are just some of the odd noises that you may hear from your home’s plumbing system. We know that these noises are not only irritating, but they could be an indicator of a much larger issue. To put your mind at ease, we’ve gathered tips and solutions for the most common plumbing noises so you’ll know exactly [Read More...]

Nothing can be more relaxing than to enjoy the coolness inside your home while the sun scorches everything outside. However, that enjoyment may come with a steep price tag. Power demand spikes in summer, straining the power network and pumping abundant air pollution into the environment. As far as the monetary cost is concerned, the cost also gets increased as indicated by the fact that a typical home in US spends around 17% of its [Read More...]

Have you heard that sound from your breaker when it trips? It’s probably alarmed you once or twice, but its safety purposes are the important factor. A circuit breaker is an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure. To bring this down to everyday terms, a circuit breaker is designed to protect your house, household equipment, and yourself from overloading your electrical circuit. The only reason [Read More...]

Various procedures for lowering water temperature in the home exist, depending on the method of heating. Here are some suggestions: Electric water heaters Call your local electric company to adjust the thermostat. Some companies offer this service at no-charge. Hot water should not be used for at least two hours prior to setting. To make the adjustment yourself, start by shutting off current to the water heater, then turn off the circuit breaker to the [Read More...]

It’s 100 degrees outside and you find your air conditioner covered in ice. How do you fix this problem? The first thing you need to know is why your air conditioner stopped working correctly in the first place. The two most common reasons for your air conditioner to freeze: Low refrigerant (Freon) can happen simply over time or because there is a leak somewhere within the unit. Annual maintenance will help prevent this and keep [Read More...]

Modern homes are becoming smarter than ever before thanks to innovative products like Nest. What is Nest and why do you need it? Keep reading to find out! What is Nest? Nest is a home automation company that offers a variety of products to make homes smarter. The company is focused on designing products that are simple and create a more “thoughtful” home. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a perfect example of the company’s philosophy, [Read More...]

Your water heater is an integral part of your home. Cold showers may be great in the heat of full summer, but you’d be hard-pressed to force yourself to take one in January. Most of us are caught off guard when our water heater breaks, but there are a few signs you can watch for that will tell you when you need to call in a professional for maintenance before it breaks down. The Signs: [Read More...]