Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer

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Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer

Nothing can be more relaxing than to enjoy the coolness inside your home while the sun scorches everything outside. However, that enjoyment may come with a steep price tag. Power demand spikes in summer, straining the power network and pumping abundant air pollution into the environment. As far as the monetary cost is concerned, the cost also gets increased as indicated by the fact that a typical home in US spends around 17% of its yearly energy bill for air conditioners, making the average amount around $375 alone for cooling.

We want to share some tips to help you reduce the amount of energy spent to keep your air conditioner running. Using air conditioners less but efficiently will surely help you save a significant chunk of money.

1. A programmable thermostat helps you moderate the air conditioner and its costs

Always use an automated thermostat to conserve energy by raising the heat considerably during the day when your home is empty. You can make it even lower a couple degrees down at night, particularly on some hottest days. Along with energy savings in winter, a programmable thermostat that is being used properly can save an average home up to around $150.

2. Cleaning of the air filter on regular basis increases your air conditioner’s efficiency

Whether you own a room or central air conditioner, a dirty filter will decrease its efficiency,
causing it to use more power and energy and incurring more cost to do the same amount of work.

3. Ceiling fans also give cooling

Use window fans and ceiling fans whenever possible, particularly at night, to circulate the cooler air. You can use cooling from ceiling fans instead of turning on your air conditioner.

4. Block sunlight

Keep curtains, blinds, doors and windows closed to avoid sun rays. Your home will heat up much more slowly.

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