Should I Use Blue Toilet Cleaning Tablets?

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There are plenty of reasons you’d want to use toilet cleaning tablets — they make cleaning easier, they dye the water blue giving it an ultra-fresh look, and they can keep your bathroom smelling great! But with anything that good, you know there has to be a catch…

Blue Toilet Cleaning Tablets are Bad News

Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to blue toilet cleaning tablets. While the convenience and aesthetic are nice, you’ll eventually have to call one of our plumbers in Greenville SC to deal with:

  • A corroded flush valve. The cleaning agent in those tablets is essentially a cocktail of chemicals: chlorine for whitening, anionic surfactants for cleaning, and countless others, each with their own purpose. All those harsh chemicals can very quickly destroy your flush valve, which can be particularly devastating if you just moved into a new home or installed a brand new toilet.
  • Running water. Have you started using blue tablets, then notice your toilet seems to run constantly? Believe it or not, these two things are related. The toilet cleaning tablets in the tank may move with the flow of water, and in those cases they can get lodged against the flapper leaving it open. When the flapper can’t close:
    • Your water will run continually
    • Your tank can’t properly refill
    • You’ll be wasting water AND money paying higher water bills
  • Sick pets and/or children. Do you have a pet who likes to go out at the end of a long day for a drink at the local toilet? What about a child who hasn’t quite yet learned the difference between splashing in the tub and splashing in the toilet? If the toilet itself can’t even handle the chemicals in the cleaning tablets, they can’t possibly be (and definitely aren’t) good for humans or animals.
  • Environmental damage. Remember the anionic surfactants we mentioned earlier? These are known to have toxic effects on aquatic life. Now, this isn’t necessarily something you’ll experience first hand in your own home, but destroying aquatic life and pumping chemicals into the earth’s water will have long lasting, negative effects on everyone.

Instead of relying so heavily on chemicals to do your cleaning, we suggest relying on nothing more than a little elbow grease and some basic, environmentally-friendly cleaners. If you’re currently using these blue toilet cleaning tablets, we highly suggest you stop immediately… And if you’re currently experiencing the effects of using blue toilet cleaning tablets, we highly suggest you give us a call at (864) 661-2811 or contact us online — we can get your plumbing back to normal in no time! If you enjoyed this topic, you’ll love our Preventative Maintenance E-book — click the banner below to download it now!