SPP vs. Non-SPP Costs

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SPP vs. Non-SPP Costs

Is the cost of our Service Partner Plan (SPP) keeping you from signing up? We understand that it may be a tight squeeze adding in a preventative maintenance plan to your budget, but we’d like to ask one question that you should also consider as you’re making your decision: can you afford NOT having a preventative maintenance plan?

The Cost of Our Service Partner Plan

Our SPP has 3 tiers with 4 total preventative maintenance packages for you to choose from:

  • Bronze Plumbing and Electrical – $19/month ($228/year)
  • Bronze HVAC – $19/month ($228/year)
  • Gold Comprehensive – $29/month ($348/year)
  • Platinum Comprehensive – $49/month ($588/year)

The 4 packages offer varying levels of service so you can choose whether you want just the essentials, full coverage, or something in between. Not only do these plans allow you to catch and fix small problems before they become big ones, but the regular maintenance tends to keep all problems at bay in the first place.

The Cost of Not Having Our Service Partner Plan

If our plans don’t seem like they fit your budget, consider this: if you go without yearly maintenance things may seem to run smoothly for a while, but if one thing goes wrong it could affect your whole system. With unchecked appliances, a bunch of small problems could add up to you needing to replace your heating & cooling system or your water heater — both of which will end up being very expensive projects that may not have convenient monthly payment options. So if you’re on the fence about the cost of our SPP, weigh the cost of our plans that against the cost of a new HVAC unit or a new water heater and ask yourself, “Would I rather pay $19-$49 a month to keep my home running smoothly, or thousands of dollars with no warning for a whole new system?”

You can sign up for our Service Partner Plan here or by clicking the banner below. If you still have some questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (864) 661-2811 or contact us online; we’d love to help you with whatever you need whether it’s about our Service Partner Plan or any plumbing, heating & air, electric, or drain service issues you may have.