Tips for choosing air filters

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Tips for choosing air filters

The importance of having clean safe air circulating inside your home can’t or should not be ignored. To ensure that the air that you and your family breathe is clean and healthy, installing air filters for the interior of your house is a must. But not just any air filter will do.

To help you in your choice, here are some tips for choosing air filters: Air filters available in the market are rated for their efficiency and reliability. It’s important to choose air filters that are on top of the rating list to ensure that you’re getting an air filter that you can rely on.

Our Tips

  • Find out the kind of pollutants that are causing the air impurities in your home. The most common air pollutants are:
    • Pollen or dust
    • Pet shedding or other allergens
    • Fungus and molds
  • Look for air filters with high efficiency ratings, such as HEPA filters. These air filters which rank at the top of the rating lists are guaranteed to be reliable and can remove 99.97 percent of toxic impurities suspended in the air inside your home. Other types of air filters are electrostatic filters, UV light filters and Charcoal and carbon filters.
  • Choose air filters that can get rid of all kinds of allergens or much better, air filters that can do away with the source of allergens in addition to filtering out the allergens in the air that you breathe. This will prevent you and your family from having allergy attacks brought by these allergens.
  • Preferably, get an air purifier or air filter that can be inserted into the ventilation system of the house.