Tired of Wasting Water & Time Waiting on Hot Water?

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Tired of Wasting Water & Time Waiting on Hot Water?

You rely on your water heater to provide hot water when you want it, so it’s frustrating when you turn on a faucet and have to wait and wait and wait for warm water to finally come out. By the time your shower water is actually comfortable, you may not even get to fully enjoy it because you wasted so much time waiting for it to get warm. Fortunately, your routine can change for the better, allowing you to take a hot shower and still be on time for work!

Get Hot Water Fast

Waiting for warmth not only wastes water, but it wastes your time. Here are some simple plumbing solutions for your hot water woes:

  • Install a point-of-use water heater: These are small water heaters that are installed near your most frequently used faucets that keep a small (usually 4 gallon) supply of hot water that can be accessed instantly. While a nice option for a regularly used sink, these aren’t as practical for showers.
  • Insulate your pipes: Your water may be plenty hot when it leaves the hot water heater but could be losing heat as it travels through non-insulated pipes. Properly insulated pipes will lock heat in and get it to you faster!
  • Install a (re)circulator: Recirculators (sometimes referred to only as “circulators”) move cold water out of your pipes and into your water heater while moving your hot water from your heater into your pipes. A water circulator is probably your best option for having reliably fast access to hot water.
    • Add a timer to your circulator: While circulators are already great, they can get even BETTER! You can add a timer to your circulator to activate the system so that you can have hot water at the ready when you know you’re going to need it.

Energy efficient plumbing can only be so efficient when you have to run your water for several minutes every time you turn on a faucet. By making any of these plumbing upgrades, you can save yourself water, money, and time (the trifecta) and have plumbing that operates at maximum efficiency! Give us a call at (864) 661-2408 or contact us online and wait no more — we’d love to assure your family’s nearly instant comfort!