What Should My Thermostat Be Set To?

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What Should My Thermostat Be Set To?

The question about the ideal temperature setting for your home is one that we definitely hear often. Everyone’s read those ‘tips on saving money’ blogs and magazine articles and heard that shifting your thermostat up or down by just a few degrees can really make a difference on your power bill.

So, what setting will work best? That depends. The perfect temperature for saving money and maintaining comfort will be different in winter than it is in the heat of summer.

  • In summer, 78 degrees Farenheit is ideal. If you’re used to keeping your home at 75, the shift will be small but still net big savings in the long run, as much as 1% annually per degree. If you generally keep things at 72 or even a chilly 68 through those triple-digit summers that Upstate South Carolina is known for, you’ll see even larger savings.
  • In winter, try 68 degrees for the most energy-efficient setting. While 78 or 80 may feel toasty warm after you’ve been outside in the cold, it’s going to keep your furnace working harder than it has to, and you’ll see your energy bills soar as the outside temps drop.
  • In spring and fall, try not to use your thermostat at all! When the days are breezy and cool at 72 or 70, make sure your thermostat is still set high at 78 so it won’t kick on at all, or turn it off entirely. Open windows and inside doors to get the most air flow throughout the commonly used living areas in your home.

The best way to get settled in and comfortable is by shifting gradually up or down the thermostat each day. If you’re used to keeping things at 70 degrees all summer long, try ticking the thermostat setting up by just two degrees to 72. Leave it there for a couple of days, than move up to 74, and repeat the process until you’ve hit the ‘sweet spot’ at 78. After just a week or so, you’ll be settled in at the new temperature and your energy usage could drop by as much as 15% per year (according to the US Government’s Energy Department).

Of course, the number one way to save money is by making sure your heating and cooling systems are up to date and working at peak efficiency. Corley is here to help! We can perform routine maintenance, repairs, or emergency fixes, and can even install a whole new system! Give us a call at (864) 661-2811 or contact us online today for more information!