What Type of Water Heater is Right For You?

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What Type of Water Heater is Right For You?

We recently let you know that the U.S Government released new regulations governing water heaters. This changes up the size of the units, installation costs, and could even mean remodeling if you don’t have the space for the larger units. If you’ve been planning to replace yours, you may be wondering if it’s worth it after all.

Our short answer to that is that it depends on your unit, but that the uptick in efficiency with new technology just can’t be beat. It’s worth taking a longer look at the different types on the market and deciding which is right for your home.

You may be thinking that it’s just a hot water heater… how different could they be? Well, there are several different types on the market right now, and each option has different points that would work for different families.

Here are the top 4 types you’ll be choosing from

  • Conventional storage. Your old standby, and the most likely choice for what’s already installed in your home. These maintain a constant reservoir of heated water. This is good – you have that hot water right when you need it. It may also mean cutting showers short to make sure the hot water doesn’t run out.
  • Heat pump water heaters. These don’t generate heat directly, but move heat around when hot water is needed instead. These have more specific requirements than the other types, but if you already use a heat pump to heat and cool your home, this may be a good option for you.
  • Tankless coil or indirect. This type uses the heating systems in your home to heat your water. These aren’t the best choice for a place with as much heat and humidity as South Carolina; they work best in the winter when your home’s heat is already being used. If you’re going to go tankless, your best bet is…
  • Tankless on-demand. Growing in popularity, they do not heat and store water, but rather heat it as it moves through the heater and your pipes during use. While pricier than conventional units, they are a great choice for families who need lots of hot water for showers, laundry, dishes, and more. If you don’t have space in your home for the larger conventional units now mandated by the new regulations and would otherwise have to look at remodeling, a tankless heater may be a good money-saving choice.

Which of these choices would be right for you? That would depend on your home’s size, your family, and how much hot water you use on a daily basis. Corley’s has years of experience in the installation, service, and repair of conventional and tankless water heaters in Greenville, SC, and we’d be happy to talk you through your options. Give us a call at (864) 661-2408 or contact us online to get the knowledge you need to make an informed choice!