Where Is My Main Water Shut Off Valve?

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If a pipe in your home springs a leak, knowing where the main water shut off valve is can be an invaluable piece of information. Now before we start directing you on where to look for the main water shut off valve, we’d like to preface by saying this: the location of the valve varies greatly from house to house, depending on when your home was built and your local building codes. We’ll let you know all the places the valve might be, but we suggest you take a stroll around your home and property after you finish reading so you can discover exactly where your main water shut off valve is.

So, your first question is probably, “Is the main water valve inside or outside?”

It could be either. In colder climates the valve will typically be indoors, but since we’re in the south where the winters are more mild they could be outside on an exterior wall or possibly in a box underground which you’ll have to open.

Next you may be wondering, “If my main water valve is indoors, where is it?”

There are several options here as well. The valve could be in your basement if you have one, in your crawl space, near your water heater, or even under your kitchen sink.

Now that you know where to look, your next logical question would be, “So what am I looking for?”

More often than not the valve is circular (like a ring) with several pieces in the middle connecting to a bolt, very similar to the one we have pictured above.

Once you’ve found the valve your last question will likely be, “Great, now which way is off?”

We’ve all heard the saying “righty tighty, lefty loosey,” right? Well that saying rings true when it comes to your main water shut off valve. To turn the water off you’ll turn the valve clockwise (or to the right) until you can no longer turn it.

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