Where’s the water?

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Where’s the water?

How many times do you find yourself asking, “Where’s the water?” Not having enough water pressure to do normal activities such as taking a shower or even washing your hands can be miserable. You may only notice the low water pressure when you try to use water from two different sources in your home, such as when you are taking a shower and someone flushes the toilet.

There are many factors that may result in low water pressure. You may have mineral deposit build-up, cracked or damaged water pipes, a broken pressure regulator or maybe you just added a new bathroom to your home and now the pipes leading to your home are too small to meet the new demands. No matter what the cause, the key is to figure out what is causing the problem and get it fixed.

Mineral Deposit build-ups happen over time and can slowly take your water pressure from full power to hardly anything at all. The first thing you want to try is to clean or replace your showerheads or faucet heads. If your water still only trickles after that, then calling in the plumbing professionals is going to be your best bet.

Cracked or damaged water pipes can lead to bigger problems than low water pressure if not taken care of quickly. If the damaged pipe is under your sink or behind your washer, you can easily see where the problem is. Anywhere else will need the knowledge of a professional plumber.

A bad pressure regulator is an easy fix for a skilled plumber. It may look easy to the homeowner, but one wrong move and you could have major problems on your hands.

Small pipes for big demands happen more often than you may realize. If you have added a new water source to your home such as a bathroom, the last thing on your mind is the size of the pipes leading to your home that you never see. A qualified plumber can fix the problem and have your water flowing as good a new.

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