Why Does Flushing the Toilet Cause the Temperature of the Running Water to Change?

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Why Does Flushing the Toilet Cause the Temperature of the Running Water to Change?

For most people, the shower is a welcoming place where they are able to enjoy their time alone while relaxing under lukewarm water and taking in aromas of pleasant shampoos and soaps. This enjoyable experience continues only until the toilet is flushed. As soon as you flush a toilet, the running water immediately gets either very cold or hot. What’s more, it may lose its pressure leaving you with shampoo in your hair.

Change of Water Temperature

Normally, your shower has two different sources for hot and cold water. In order to have lukewarm water in the shower, you try to adjust both the extremes. When someone flushes the toilet, your shower gets only one kind of water as the cold water is usually directed to the toilet. Since the new reduced water pressure is not capable to cater to the shower’s needs, the quantity of cold water decreases at the temperature adjustment valve. As a result, your shower gets much hotter than before.

You can possibly maintain the temperature of the running water while taking a shower. You can employ a tap monitor to maintain the pressure supplied from the cold and hot sides of the shower. When the provision of cold water abruptly drops due to a sudden toilet flush, the tap monitor lessens the hot water supply to balance the cold water so as to provide a consistent mixture. In such a scenario, you are not likely to notice any variation in actual water temperature.

Change of Water Pressure

You can also experience much less water pressure if the toilet is flushed when you are taking a shower. Your shower may only drizzle, thus making it difficult to wash shampoo out of your hair. When the toilet is flushed, it utilizes all the water to fill up its tank which affects water supply to other applications in the home. Running a dishwasher or washing machine may also have a similar effect on the running water. This problem usually occurs when you have limited water pressure.

You can enjoy a constant flow of water by adjusting the valve for your toilet tank. Every regular toilet tank has a silver regulating valve that manages the speed of water entering into the tank after each flush. You can adjust this valve to slowly fill up the tank, particularly when you are taking a shower.

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