Why is the water in my faucets brown and cloudy?

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Why is the water in my faucets brown and cloudy?

We are all aware of how annoying and burdensome little household issues can be. One of these issues is when you have brown and cloudy water running from your faucets. Obviously, there should be some immediate cause for concern if your water is suddenly discolored. Until you figure out the cause, its best to avoid drinking the water or using it for cooking.

Discolored water can be caused by a number of things and may or may not be potentially hazardous to your health. Listed below are some of the more common causes.

  • Water Pressure – An excessive amount of water pressure in your pipes can cause your water to look cloudy. Normally, the water clears up after you let it run for a few minutes. However, if the problem persists you should have a professional plumber inspect your system for other potential issues.
  • Seasonal Changes – It’s possible that the change in your water color is simply seasonal. In some areas, the water turns cloudy and brown during fall because those areas are on a water supply from a reservoir. In the fall, the stored water tends to change color a little, and all you have to do is wait till the next rain.
  • Rust – If you have an older home or an old water heater, it is possible that you could have rust accumulating in your pipes and faucets. When the water flows through your pipes, the rust causes discoloration of the water.
  • Deteriorating Pipes – If you have galvanized water pipes in your home, it is possible that they could have some deterioration.

If you notice a significant change in your water color and you cannot positively identify the cause, then you should seek the help of a professional plumber. A licensed plumber will be able diagnose and solve the problem. If you need a professional plumber in Greenville, SC, then call Corley Plumbing Air Electric at 864-659-2652, or Schedule Service online.