Working with natural gas in your home

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Working with natural gas in your home

Natural gas is one of the most inexpensive energy sources available for your home. Besides being quite inexpensive, natural gas also has a lot of uses, the most common of which is for cooking and heating. Natural gas is relatively safe to use in the home, but it’s still important for home owners to make safe fuel such as natural gas even safer.

Here are some tips for working with natural gas in your home.

  • Let’s start with the pipes. Natural gas is piped in to residential homes. Some of those pipes in the basement could be pipes for natural gas. Check the pipes regularly for rust and never leave any flammable materials close to the pipes. Avoid hanging anything from those pipes and using them to prop up any object.
  • Make a habit of having gas pipes, appliances, flues, vents, furnaces and chimneys inspected at least once a year to make sure that everything is in perfect working order.
  • Never install or move a gas appliance or replace a connector on your own. Always ask for the assistance of a professional gas appliance installer to do this.
  • Never allow small children to play close to or with natural gas appliances or natural gas pipes, including the cook-top or oven knobs.
  • Make sure that the areas where natural gas appliances and equipment are placed are kept clean and clear to let the air flow freely.
  • On no occasion should you use your gas oven for purposes other than cooking -such as for extra room heating
  • Another very important tip for working with natural gas in your home is to heed the instructions written in the user’s manual of gas appliances and equipment and to perform proper care, use and maintenance.
  • Don’t use a space heater until it’s properly vented. If your space heater is vent-free, then check if the automatic cut-off switch is working.
  • The last (but most important) tip for working with natural gas in your home will involve your nose or smelling sense. If ever you smell even a small amount of natural gas odor in the air, leave your home or stay away immediately, call your natural gas provider or dial 911.

Go over these tips for working with natural gas in your home with all members of the family to make sure that you are safe and protected from any natural gas disasters.