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Have you ever heard your plumbing system make weird noises? Gurgling in your drains, banging pipes, or whistling are just some of the odd noises that you may hear from your home’s plumbing system. We know that these noises are not only irritating, but they could be an indicator of a much larger issue. To put your mind at ease, we’ve gathered tips and solutions for the most common plumbing noises so you’ll know exactly what [Read More...]

You rely on your water heater to provide hot water when you want it, so it’s frustrating when you turn on a faucet and have to wait and wait and wait for warm water to finally come out. By the time your shower water is actually comfortable, you may not even get to fully enjoy it because you wasted so much time waiting for it to get warm. Fortunately, your routine can change for the better, [Read More...]

Water heaters are a deeply important part of your home, but most homeowners don’t really think twice about them after the installation. Unfortunately, installations performed before you moved in or by professionals who don’t take the time to know their customers could lead to improper water heater temperature. The right temperature could easily be the difference between scalding hot water and, on the other hand, water that doesn’t stay hot long enough to discourage the [Read More...]

Your water heater is an integral part of your home. Cold showers may be great in the heat of full summer, but you’d be hard-pressed to force yourself to take one in January. Most of us are caught off guard when our water heater breaks, but there are a few signs you can watch for that will tell you when you need to call in a professional for maintenance before it breaks down.

We recently let you know that the U.S Government released new regulations governing water heaters. This changes up the size of the units, installation costs, and could even mean remodeling if you don’t have the space for the larger units. If you’ve been planning to replace yours, you may be wondering if it’s worth it after all.

Have you been considering replacing your hot water heater? Maybe it’s broken down one too many times, it’s not heating your water efficiently, or it just seems like it’s time. Before you pick out the replacement, though, keep in mind that the United States Government recently unveiled new regulations governing them… and it could mean more money out of your pocket.

Keep your water heater maintained

January, 15th, 2014

You get your supply of hot water from water heaters that are operated or run either by gas, oil or electricity. When you open the faucet, hot water flows from the top of the tank and is replaced by cold water that streams into the bottom of the water heater tank. The heat regulating device of your water tank is a thermostat that automatically activates the tank’s heating element when the there is a drop [Read More...]

  You may not select the right water heater for your needs and specifications. It’s not as simple as replacing a 30-gallon hot water heater with another 30-gallon model. There are thousands of sizes and options available today. Fuel source, energy efficiency, fast recovery, venting and anticipated demand must all be considered in order to determine the correct model. Local codes and ordinances may not permit self-installation. Regulations governing water heater installation vary by city. [Read More...]

If you’re thinking about replacing your hot water heater, here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional plumber for the job.

The next time you pay your utility bill, try one simple calculation. Divide the total amount by seven. The result is the amount you spend to heat your water. (If you receive separate utility bills for gas and electricity, use the gas bill for this calculation if you have a gas water heater; use the electric bill if you have an electric water heater.)