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Air Conditioning Repair

Are you having trouble staying cool in Mauldin? Maybe you have tried everything but you’re still hot at home. No matter the age or type of air conditioner that you have, the HVAC professionals at Corley are ready and waiting to do your air conditioning repair in Mauldin, SC. We would love to help you stay cool at home all summer long!

air conditioning repair mauldin scDid you know that, sometimes, you can catch an air conditioning problem before it stops your cool air entirely? Look for these things, then give us a call. We may be able to keep your A/C running without a complete shutdown.

  • Your A/C makes unusual noises. Any sounds that don’t see “standard” should be investigated by a professional.
  • Air from your A/C gets progressively warmer as the day goes by. Your A/C should continue blowing ice cold air, no matter how warm it gets outside.
  • You have to keep cranking the thermostat down to stay cool. You should be able to set it and forget it. If you keep worrying about the temperature, it’s time to call in the pros.
  • You’re too hot at home. Your A/C might be too small for your house or it may not be working well. Either way, we can help you find a solution.

Call Corley for all of your needs regarding air conditioning repair in Mauldin, SC. We’ll get to you as soon as we can, assess the problem, then get your repair completed so you can get back to your regular life.