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Water Leak Detection

water leak detection taylors scDo you think you might have a water leak but you’re not sure? Our state-of-the-art water leak detection in Taylors, SC can help you know for sure. If you do have a water leak, it’s important to find it as soon as possible. That way, you can get it fixed and limit the amount of damage it can do to your home.

Not sure if you have a water leak? Look for these signs. If you see any, call us for water leak detection in Taylors, SC as soon as possible.

  • You notice wet, damp, or dried out spots on your walls or ceiling. Some leaks are only intermittent, so call us even if you see a dried up water spot that you can’t explain. Our plumbers in Taylors, SC will find the leak and fix it before it does any more damage.
  • You hear running water when everything is turned off. This can be a sign that water is flowing somewhere, even when you don’t intend it to. We’ll find out where that leak is so it doesn’t hurt your home.
  • You have inexplicable and stubborn mold and mildew. Does mold only grow in one part of your house or do you have mildew that keeps coming back no matter what you do? It can feed off the water from even a slow leak. We’ll find the leak and take care of your problem once and for all.

When you have a leak, your goal is to find it fast and get rid of it as soon as possible. With the technology we use at Corley, water leak detection in Taylors, SC is quick and easy. Once we know where the leak is, we’ll help you get it fixed, too, so you don’t have to worry anymore.