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Electronic Leak Detection

electronic leak detection greenville scAre your water bills slowly creeping up? Do you think you may have a leak, but don’t have a clue where to start looking? Don’t start opening up walls or digging in your home to find your leak. That gets costly, especially if you can’t find the leak on the first try. Corley is now offering electronic leak detection as a new service to the Greenville area.

Why damage walls, ceilings, or floors when an electronic leak detection kit does all the work for you?

Through a combination of amplifying sound and using electric currents, our technicians are able to isolate where a leak is located so a repair can be made.  It’s that easy!

Enjoy the benefits of our non-destructive electronic leak detection services:

  • Environmental– no large volumes of water are wasted
  • Speedy– only takes hours to find the leak rather than days or weeks
  • Precision – It finds the exact spot to repair only the specific defect
  • Cost-effective – gives your pocketbook a break

If you can’t seem to find that hidden leak at home and need help as soon as possible, let us know by filling out the form below. Our plumbers in Greenville SC are here to answer all of your questions, put your mind at ease, provide you with options depending on the job’s specific needs, and fix your home’s complications in a punctual manner.

Corley provides 24/7 Emergency Drain Services, if you are in need of immediate assistance call us now at 864-517-1251.