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What to Ask a Plumber in Greenville & Spartanburg, SC

When you have a plumbing emergency, you want to know that the company you call is going to answer the phone, respond quickly, fix your problem, and have your home back to normal in no time. You want a company you can count on. To achieve that peace of mind, you need to know what to look for in a plumber.

Corley plumbers are reliable, punctual, professional, and knowledgeable. We take great pride in offering the best service in the Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC areas at a great value, and working with our clients to keep their plumbing systems in excellent working order.

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It seems like such a simple concept, and yet reliability is a dying ideal in the business world. Maybe it seems old-fashioned to show up when you say you're going to, do a good job, and provide great service in order to keep customers happy.

At Corley, we treat customers like we want to be treated. We answer our phones, we show up on time, and we treat our customers — and their homes — with respect and dignity.

Bonding and Insurance

Bonding and insurance are items that are too easy for contractors to skimp on, and many customers don't know enough about them to make sure they're covered. Not only do these items protect the customer by ensuring that they're working with a reputable contractor who can get bonding and insurance, but they provide a vital financial protection as well!

When a company is bonded, that means that they are honest enough that a bonding company will guarantee that the contractor will do the work you've paid for. If a company takes your money and then disappears without completing the work, the bonding company will give you your money back and go after the contractor themselves. Insurance means that if a plumber causes damage in your home, their insurance company will cover the cost of repairs — not your homeowner's insurance!

Reputable contractors will be happy to show you documentation proving that they are bonded and insured, so don't be afraid to ask!


Corley understands that when you have a plumbing emergency, you need service right now! That's why we answer our phones, we respond to our emails, and we offer 24-hour emergency service. If you have a complaint, we will make it right!


One of the biggest frustrations that customers have about service providers is technicians not showing up when they say they will. At Corley, we think that's bad business. We make sure that you know not only when your plumbing technicians will arrive at your home, but who will be ringing your doorbell. There shouldn't be any surprises when it comes to being safe in your home!


Corley plumbers are known throughout Greenville and Spartanburg and are held to the highest standards of professionalism. You can feel comfortable having them in your home because they are clean, respectful of your family and your property, and they have the training and equipment to get your job done right!

Emergency Service

When you have a plumbing emergency occur after hours, you can't wait until 9am on the next business day to get your problem fixed. This is why Corley offers 24/7 emergency service! You can count on Corley to take care of you in an emergency... and if you have our Service Partner Plan, we waive the Emergency Service Fee! Don't wait until you have an emergency to make important decisions about service providers. Call Corley today at (864) 517-1251 and rest assured that you are in great hands!


At Corley, we do not claim to provide the cheapest service in Greenville or Spartanburg, and there is a reason for that. We recruit the best talent, and we provide the best training. Our technology and equipment are second to none, and we keep it in immaculate condition. Additionally, we work hard to continue to educate ourselves and our employees on the best industry practices and developments.

We do these things in order to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are getting a great value for their hard-earned money: the best people with the best training and the best tools to do the job. Your job will be done right, or we aren't done until it is!

Flat-Rate Pricing

Some plumbing companies will sneak extra hours or hidden fees into their final bill, or they will hit you with a hefty payment schedule after they've already begun the work. You deserve to know exactly what you are paying for, when you're expected to pay for it, and what the final cost will be before work is begun.

At Corley, we understand that you work hard for your money, and we don't believe in trying to cheat you out of it. This is why we have honest, frank discussions with you so that you know what you're paying for before we begin the work!

Once our technician identifies the work that you need, he will go over your options with you and show you the flat-rate price of each job. You will never have to pay for unexpected labor hours or hidden fees!


Plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes or sewer line leakages, can unfortunately carry a hefty price tag. Corley understands that paying for these unexpected plumbing repairs can be a hard hit on a family. This is why we have teamed up with Wells Fargo to offer financing options, available with approved credit to help you get the repairs you need without breaking the bank. Click here to learn more about Corley's Financing options!


Last but not least, you want to know that the plumber you hire actually knows how to fix your problem! You want someone who is thoroughly trained, licensed, and ideally affiliated with industry organizations establishing credibility.


Because Corley hires the best talent, we are also able to provide an excellent apprenticeship program. Journeyman plumbers work with older, more experienced plumbers to get valuable on-the-job experience. Additionally, we work hard to stay on top of industry trends and practices, and we provide the best equipment and technology to empower our plumbers to provide the best possible service.


In South Carolina, there are rigorous exams required to obtain a license to perform plumbing work. Make sure you ask your plumber to see his documentation — a licensed plumber won't mind!


Industry organizations are a way for the plumbing community to come together, share knowledge and resources, and validate one another's expertise. Corley is proud to be a founding member of Nexstar, a network of building contractors who work together to help each other achieve success through excellence. Chris Corley is currently serving as the president of Nexstar!

There is no sense in wasting time and money sifting through bad plumbing contractors. Call Corley Plumbing Air Electric today and get the peace of mind that goes with knowing that you're going to get the best service in the industry every single time you call. Call (864) 517-1251 or schedule service online today!

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