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Invasive tree roots aren’t just an annoyance, they can result in incredibly expensive sewage repairs in order to keep your home in a livable condition. Don’t wait until it’s too late — we have four ways to deal with tree roots that can help keep your home safe from sewage backups, outright breakdowns, or problems that might even involve having to file with insurance.

So you went to get in the shower and noticed an annoying leaky shower drain problem. The most obvious reason for this occurence is that there is a crack in the shower drain, which fortunately means that only that section of the drain will need repair. Other issues arise when the shower drain is damaged altogether or the tub seal is destroyed. Feel like you can handle this problem on your own? We’ll walk you through a list of steps to fix [Read More...]

How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

February, 22nd, 2016

You know when it’s time to clean your bathroom. The mold around your faucet and on your bathtub easily gives the hint away. You also know when it’s time to clean your dishes. The pile up in the sink is a good indication that the kitchen needs to be tidied up. That’s mainly because you can see those things; but what about items you can’t see? What about the pipes underneath your house that hold all [Read More...]

When your bathtub begins draining slower and slower, it may seem like it’s easier to just put off dealing with the problem. As long as the bathtub still drains at all, everything is fine, right? Wrong. Ignoring that slowing drain could lead to a worst-case scenario — a day when the bathtub just doesn’t drain at all. When your bathtub becomes totally clogged up, what should you do? We have a few tips to help [Read More...]

Low water pressure is a frustratingly common problem, especially in older homes. While it doesn’t make the place unlivable, many busy homeowners have trouble finding the time for repairs or don’t want to spend the money to fix something that seems so small. For your home to feel comfortable and to be its happiest, however, taking a closer look at that water-pressure problem is definitely worth your time.

One thing that will really ruin a good day fast is when sewage backup makes its way up your drains and into your house. The smell alone seems like it may never leave the air, there’s a terrible mess to clean up, and since whatever went wrong is happening down in the pipes underneath your home, you can’t even be sure what caused it! Our plumbers in Greenville SC have helped our clients out more than [Read More...]

How do I Unclog my Drain? Is you water draining slowly? Before you head to the store for some drain cleaner (which can damage your pipes and waste your time) consider the unclogging alternatives available and start preventing clogs from happening in the first place.

We found this rather humorous video on how to unclog a toilet and thought you might enjoy it.

Well, the simple answer to this question is – YES. Do not believe the commonly held misconception that since oils are liquid, they will not harm your drain pipes. Anything that is fatty or greasy is definitely bad for your drain. Pouring any kind of oil down your drain will eventually result in a clogged drain pipe.

Eliminate Garbage Disposal Odors

December, 21st, 2012

Your kitchen may look sparkling clean and beautiful but if there’s a foul odor permeating the room then all your cleaning and beautifying efforts are wasted. Spraying the kitchen with air freshener will not get rid of the smell if it is coming from one of your appliances. That rotten odor in the kitchen often comes from one of two places – the garbage disposal or the dishwasher   Let’s take a look at how [Read More...]