5 Essential Summer Tips for Homeowners
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5 Essential Summer Tips for Homeowners
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5 Essential Summer Tips for Homeowners

June, 22nd, 2016

The summer is no joke — June’s temperatures have been baking, and July is looking to be about the same. Without much rain to cool the air, it’s easy to find refuge inside your air-conditioned home and plan to worry about home maintenance once you can step outside without melting. There are some household tasks, however, that homeowners may want to take advantage of while the sun continues to shine.

Power Wash Your Home Exterior

Especially when the season is light on rain, pressure washing your home is a great way to deal with the dust and dirt that will build on exterior siding, back porches or decks, and the exterior of garages or other outbuildings. If you don’t own your own pressure washer, they are easy to rent for the day at any home improvement store in your area. We recommend pressure-washing about twice a year, to keep your home’s curb appeal looking fresh and new!

Check the Windows and Doorways

One of the first places that air-conditioned air can leak outside is through tiny gaps in your doorways or windows at home. Take a few minutes one day to check them over in each room of your house, looking for gaps that let light — and warm outside air — in while allowing your air conditioning to escape. If you see any place where the sealants are coming up, wearing away, or causing these gaps? Take some caulk and apply it to these areas to re-seal them for the summer. Make sure to replace any worn-out weather-stripping as well. Both caulk and weather-stripping can be purchased at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Clean Out Your Gutters

The fact that June has been such a dry month is really just encouragement to get out there and clean your gutters! Debris such as sticks from trees and dirt can build up in gutters over time, thanks to rain and wind, and a dry day with lots of sunshine is the perfect time to clean them out! While some homeowners prefer putting on some heavy work-gloves and cleaning out by hand, you can also use your garden’s water hose to help things along. Make sure your gutters are totally cleaned out before the afternoon storms really start to show up in late July and early August!

Have You Had Your Roof Checked?

We recommend annual roof-checks to make sure that there isn’t any underlying damage that isn’t obvious from the ground. Professionals can be called out to provide thorough inspections, and it’s always important to schedule these during a dry spell, when roof specialists are less likely to be busy dealing with roof damage and repairs that come after serious rainstorms. If you notice loose shingles or signs of a water leak within your home, give a professional a call right away.

Schedule an HVAC Check!

Finally, if you haven’t had your HVAC checked out, now’s the time. You don’t want to wait to have someone out to take a look — you’ll end up calling for help when it’s 95 degrees and you have no cold air. We here at Corley are happy to send our technicians out to your house to take a quick look at your HVAC, cleaning your condensor coils and otherwise ensuring that your system will run at peak efficiency during this incredily hot and humid season of the year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to bring them up! We’re happy to speak with you and let you know about possible problems that could arise in the future and what your options may be.